Custom Web Applications



Client App - Video Uploader

This application was built with the need to overcome a You Tube limitation. You Tube randomly picks the freeze frame for each video but our client needed to be sure to get a face shot of their tandem students in the frame so the students can easily identify which video is theirs.

The Video Uploader application allows our client to choose a set of videos to upload to You Tube. The application then automatically finds the correspending freeze-frame files and uploads the images to our web server after uploading the video file to You Tube.


USAMA Points Application

This points application was built as a replacement to an ever-growing Excel spreadsheet that had finally reached its limits. Now points are entered directly into the website. Once reviewed and approved, competitors can see point standings immediately. Prior to the points application, it would take months to update and get the latest points out to members.






Lobo League

The Lobo League system is a quickly expanding custom software solution to help Lobo League management communicate with its team members. Team schedules are posted for viewing as well as scores from the previous weekend. Team members can also view the current team standings on the fly. Team members also are given a login to the system where they can join teams each season as well as keep their personal information up=to-date. Team Representatives can setup their teams and members and also request and accept or reject rescheules.